Oh, Deer 15/100

Somewhat of a magical morning when you find yourself having coffee with a furring forest friend. This one in particular was just as intrigued by me as I was by her. Since I'm a believer that the universe brings things to us when we need them the most this encounter caused me to further investigate the symbolism and meaning of deers.

A common consensus among the many sources I found is the well known knowledge that because the deer is one of the gentlest of creatures it is a symbol of true peace. An emotion we all long for deep within ourselves. It's a reminder to be patient with ourselves and with our dreams and above all enjoy the discoveries along the way. This meaning is particularly symbolic to me since I recently embarked on a 100 day journey for new beginnings.

Deers are life long explorer sometimes taking high leaps over obstacles in order to find new lands to wander. Much like this animal we too must take leaps of faith when embarking on new adventures. The key is to take the spirit of what the deer symbolizes into your heart and have the courage that when you leap a net appears and when a door opens another closes. Staying centered in the heart allows you to be guided to the meadow that is meant for you.